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Bitcoin is extremely expensive for new comers , would ETH be our priority or is there any cheaper coins that y’all recommend?

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Hey JD! Very salient question for newcomers. The beauty of crypto is that you can buy it in small partitions, and still experience generous upside returns. BTC for example can be bought on a fractionalized basis - meaning if you only have $5 to allocate, you can buy $5 worth of BTC. Our personal recommendation as of today, is to have a large allocation of your money to be invested in Bitcoin. Second to that would be Ethereum, and then a smaller allocation to smallcap coins in the DeFi, GameFi and DarkFi sectors. This gives you broad exposure, and protects your wealth from inflation by investing your money in an intrinsically deflationary asset class (BTC/ETH). Thank you for the question!

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