Sick of the Rat Race?

Are you tired of living in a Matrix handcrafted by shadow governments and maligned global actors hell-bent on oppressing your freedom?

Everything you think you know about money, the world, capital markets and media is a lie.

You are bred and socially engineered to consume your life away via Social Media, hourly wages and the “Modern-Day Lifestyle”.

Your government and local CFA’s will preach the “Safe” and “Risk-Adverse” Frameworks for attaining wealth. And part of that framework, is consuming social media and working like a slave for a “decent” wage until you can comfortably retire at 60+.

Are you truly willing to sacrifice your most precious asset (time) and spiritual happiness for wealth as an old man/woman/xyz? Which isn’t even guaranteed?

If you’re ready to unplug, we offer you an escape - a solution.

Ares is a team of Globally Decentralized Geopolitical, Military and Macro/Micro Investors, delivering actionable Equity & Crypto Intelligence.

Our passion and life’s work is to streamline “hidden” Alpha to young and intermediate investors to expedite their path to financial freedom.

Data Science Driven Insights to Uncover “Hidden Alpha”

We use complex Data Science Protocols to synthesize macro/micro data points across thousands of sources. We then employ an expert team of Geopolitical, Military and Macro/Micro Investors to conduct analysis, thus, generating actionable Intelligence.

Examples of the Alpha we provide are Congress Insider Trading (track the smart money). Geopolitical Impacts to commodities, equities and stocks. Litigation Tracking to provide short opportunities on equities or cryptocurrencies. DarkFi Intelligence and securing your wealth.

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Democratizing Crypto, Equity and Geopolitical Intelligence with the purpose of liberating young investors from Modern-Day Slavery. Keeping you informed, keeping you dangerous, and helping you secure Financial Freedom is our mission.